Cultured Gathering

What is a Cultured Gathering or Yaji 雅集? In ancient China, friends would gather in teahouses, garden pavilions, and deep forests or by rivers and brooks, to share tea, wine, music, poetry, and art. This was an opportunity for cultural exchange and mutual bonding over the arts. Jin dynasty calligrapher, Wang Xizhi (303–361) would gather friends at his Orchid Pavilion to discuss the finer points of brushes, ink, and paper while sharing a glass of wine. The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove (3rd century) gathered to share music and poetry, so this custom of sharing the arts has been a long-standing tradition in ancient history.

Tranquil Resonance Studio holds our Cultured Gatherings frequently to introduce the community to various aspects of traditional Chinese culture. Most of our events begin with a Gongfu tea ceremony to relax and calm our guests, followed by other activities like tea tasting, musical performances, or special lectures on art, poetry, or history.

It is our hope that our Cultured Gathering brings together friends to share in the arts!

Please check our site regularly or join our mailing list for more information about our upcoming Cultured Gatherings and our special events, like our Seasonal Tea Tastings, Musical Performances, Young Artists Performances, Poetry Gatherings, and Art Gatherings.