David Wong - Guqin, Guzheng, Tea Culture Instructor, Studio Proprietor

Hailing from a long line of Chinese scholars, David Wong is a lifelong student of traditional Chinese arts and a twelfth generation inheritor of the Guangling Guqin School. He has studied guqin (seven string zither), guzheng (Chinese table harp), pipa (Chinese lute), traditional Chinese painting, and tea culture under masters in the United States and China. His interests also led him to graduate studies both here and abroad, researching and absorbing the depths of his Chinese heritage.

As a member of the San Francisco Gu-zheng Music Society’s youth ensemble, with the support of guzheng virtuoso Liu Weishan, Wong’s passion for teaching and introducing traditional Chinese culture lead to the establishment of Tranquil Resonance Studio, which carries on the mission of passing along these ancient traditions to the greater community through lessons, performances, workshops and lectures throughout the bay area.

Under the tutelage of great masters like guzheng virtuoso Liu Weishan, Shanghai Conservatory of Music guqin professor and Guangling Qin School master Dai Xiaolian, Central Conservatory of Music guqin master Li Xiangting, pipa performer Li Linhong, traditional painter Huen Moon Yan of the Guangzhou Art Academy, world renowned artist Zhang Daqian’s student 96 year old master artist Fu Wenyan, and Roy Fong, tea master and proprietor of San Francisco’s most renowned teahouse Imperial Tea Court, Wong continues to pursue his studies and his interests in the classical Chinese arts, especially those of the Chinese literati. His interest in the Guangling Guqin style led to his study with Prof Dai and master classes with Guangling Master Lin Youren and Guangling Guqin scholar Prof. Dai Wei, professor of Ethnomusicology at the Shanghai Conservatory, making Wong the twelfth generation inheritor of the Guangling Guqin School and one of the first to transmit this style in the United States. In 2004 he received Honor awards and Outstanding Performance awards at the First International Guqin Competition held in Beijing.

Besides performing and teaching music at schools and community culture centers, he also educated students on tea culture at local teahouses and tea companies, and lectured on numerous cultural artistic traditions at various universities around the bay area, including Stanford University, University of California Davis, and San Francisco State University, always enthusiastic to share all that he has learned and showcase the deep-rooted traditions and music of China.