Tea Culture Lessons

The Way of Tea 茶道

We offer an intensive twelve-week program in tea culture designed for anyone interested in understanding traditional Chinese tea, tea preparation, Yixing tea ware, porcelain tea ware, and the Gongfu tea ceremony.

”The Way of Tea” workshops
Week 1. Introduction to Tea: Tea history, tea categories, Gaiwan brewing
Week 2. Study of Green Tea
Week 3. Study of White and Yellow Tea
Week 4. Study of Green and Dark Oolong
Week 5. Study of Black and scented
Week 6. Study of Raw and Cooked Puerh
Week 7. Introduction to Tea Ware: Yixing, porcelain
Week 8. Study Gaiwan Ceremony: brewing green, white and oolong
Week 9. Study Yixing Gongfu Ceremony: brewing oolong, black, puerh
Week 10. Practice Gongfu Ceremony: green oolongs
Week 11. Practice Gongfu Ceremony: dark oolongs
Week 12. Practice Gongfu Ceremony: puerh

Learn traditional Chinese Tea Culture at your own pace
Private or Group lessons are also available

Please contact us to inquire about lesson times and tuition