Bonnie Lee - Artistic Consultant

Starting her education in music at an early age, Bonnie Lee began with the piano at the age of five then continued her musical training with guzheng after high school and guqin later in life. A multi-disciplinary scholar, Lee’s academic and cultural education showcases her deep understanding and interest in the world and its people. She has devoted herself to various aspects of traditional Chinese culture, including literature, tea, art, and music, studying with various masters both here and abroad.

As a member of the original youth ensemble for San Francisco Gu-zheng Music Society, under the guidance of guzheng master Liu Weishan, Lee has had the opportunity to study, in depth, the traditions and art of the guzheng. Her interests also lead her to travel around Asia in order to get first hand experience to the diverse folk and traditional arts that intrigue her.

To broaden and deepen her scope of understanding, she studied with guzheng teacher Zheng Weixi, guzheng virtuoso Liu Weishan, Shanghai Conservatory of Music guqin professor and Guangling Qin School master Dai Xiaolian, guqin performer Wang Fei, and traditional painter Huen Moon Yan. She has taken in all these masters have to offer and performs and teaches so that she can pass on these traditions to the next generation.

Lee also served on the Board of Directors for Gu-zheng Society where her administrative and organizational skills were put to good use. As a member of the Qin Sheng Ensemble, formed in 2009 along with David Wong and Winnie Wong, also members of the original youth ensemble, Lee continues to showcase her musical talent and delights the audiences with her performances. It is this passion and interest in the Chinese cultural arts that motivate her to continue to study and promote the Chinese arts, preserving and passing on traditions millennia old.