Gu Qin Lessons

dsfgsdfgsdfg asdf Learn how to play one of China’s oldest string instruments!

With a history that dates back over 3000 years, the guqin has deep roots in Chinese culture, associated with traditional scholars, philosophy, meditation, and poetry.

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Gu Qin Fingering Technique
– we stress the importance of a strong foundation in fingering technique, intonation, and basic rhythm
– understanding of gu qin notation, symbols, and references

Gu Qin Music
– Regional Schools: examination of the various historic schools of gu qin, like the Guangling and Mei An schools
– Old Masters: review of the styles and interpretations of the old gu qin masters, like Zhang Ziqian and Wu Jinglue

Chinese History, Poetry, and Culture
– History: the gu qin’s historical development and context
– Poetry: connection with the scholar and association with singing poetry
– Culture: impact from philosophy, relationship with art and tea

Private and Group lessons available No musical experience needed

Please contact us to inquire about lesson times and tuition.