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Tranquil Resonance Studio, established in 1998, was named by the late Chinese painter Huen Moon Yan, translated into English by Prof. Charles Egan, and our logo written in calligraphy by master artist Fu Wenyan, to express the tranquil spirit and energy of music, art, tea, and poetry that emanate from David Wong’s studio. Originally just the name of his studio, a space for him to practice and study, Tranquil Resonance Studio is now a center promoting the learning and understanding of classical Chinese culture, introducing the literati arts to the greater community and forming a bridge that links friends, scholars, artists, and musicians of the East Asian traditions.

With the support of great masters like guzheng virtuoso Liu Weishan, Shanghai Conservatory of Music guqin professor and Guangling Qin School master Dai Xiaolian, Ethnomusicology professor Dai Wei, and world renowned artist Zhang Daqian’s student 96 year old master artist Fu Wenyan, Tranquil Resonance Studio strives to promote classical Chinese arts, especially those of the Chinese literati, through lessons, performances, workshops and lectures to the greater community. Tranquil Resonance Studio is also home to Tranquil Resonance Guqin Arts Society whose mission is to promote the music and culture of the guqin, and continue the study of ancient Chinese arts and to pass on this cultural legacy to the next generation, preserving traditions millennia old.

Tranquil Resonance Studio
Passing on Ancient Traditions. . .

Tranquil Resonance Guqin Arts Society



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